A wide variety of merchandise is shipped from place to place in Japan, but most of it passes through the port of Sakai, near Osaka. The Osaka tonya (wholesale merchants) control much of the trade with Edo, and as a result, many Osaka merchant families have built large and prosperous businesses. This is why Osaka is known as Edo no daidokoro (Edo"s kitchen).

The following table is a reasonably close estimate of the total amount of goods shipped through Osaka in a year. This is based on the shipping records from all of the major tonya in Osaka for the year 1714.

Rice50,902,296 Liters Steel7,043,126kg
Soybeans8,987,562 Liters Copper3,257,532kg
Barley7,195,860Liters Lead333,702kg
Salt6,518,480Liters Tin36,901kg
Oil (vegetable)5,987,100Liters Tobacco2,178,937kg
Sesame3,085,740Liters Sugar1,195,318 kg
Sake1,063,620Liters Green tea886,806kg
White cotton cloth2,061,473bolts Oil seed1,166,966kg
Bleached cotton thread22,821spools Indigo1,800,150kg
Raw cotton1,033,699kg Coal767,814sacks
Cottonseed820,892kg Paper148,464rolls
Silk407,400kg Incense2,814,830sticks
Silk thread35,573spools Umbrellas234,250
Tatami coverings1,102,907