The restaurants of Edo offer a wide choice of different kinds of food. Noodles are a favorite food of many city residents. The two main types of noodles are soba noodles, made from buckwheat, and udon noodles, made from wheat. The soba noodles are brownish in color and fairly thin, while udon noodles are white in color and tend to be thicker.

Both types of noodles can be eaten either in soup or plain. The soup is popular in the winter, since it tends to be hot and a bit spicy -- just right on a cold day. In the summer, diners are more likely to eat noodles served cold on a tray of bamboo , dipping them in a cold, slightly sour sauce made of soy sauce and fish extract. Noodle shops are very popular with common people, because they tend to be relatively inexpensive.

Other popular types of restaurants specialize in raw fish (sushi and sashimi) , grilled chicken and other fowl (yakitori), or vegetables and seafood deep-fried in batter (tempura).