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Japan in the Schools: Teacher Feedback Form

Dear Teacher,

Thank you very much for inviting the Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania's "Japan in the Schools" classroom presentation program to your classroom.In order to improve the program and make it better serve your needs, your feedback is very important. Please take a moment to fill out and submit this evaluation.

Thank You.

Your Name:
Date (s):
Number of Students Present:
Student Grade Level(s):
School Name:
Other Teacher(s) Present:

1. Did you have any difficulty arranging for the presentation?

2. Did the presentation fit your curriculum?

3. Were the materials appropriate to the age of your students?

4. How do you rate the presentation based on your classroom needs?

a. Not Informative

Very Informative
b. Not Interesting

Very Interesting
c. Not Useful

Very Useful

5. Please use the space below for any comments and suggestions you may have.