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Japan in the Schools
The Japan in the Schools program is a unique program that brings Japanese education into classrooms in Western PA. A wide variety of topics are covered in this once a year visits to local school. Some topics include Japan today, Japanese history, language, culture, origami and more. Volunteers of the Japan in the Schools (JIS) program respond to outreach requests from elementary, middle and secondary schools, libraries and other community partners. Authentic Japanese materials are used as teaching aids and this unique experience broadens a student's view of the world and the cultures in it. Since its launch in 1997, requests for outreach programming have steadily increased.

Pittsburgh Taiko

The Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania is proud to present Pittsburgh Taiko. Pittsburgh Taiko is dedicated to bringing Japanese group taiko drumming (kumidaiko) to the city of Pittsburgh. Open to anyone interested in learning about the art form, we seek to educate members of the community about taiko and about Japanese culture through performances and outreach activities. Pittsburgh Taiko is partnered with Winchester Thurston School in Shadyside, PA.

Pittsburgh Taiko perform both regional Japanese drumming styles arranged for our group and original compositions. In this way, we not only look to pass on knowledge of what has come before, but also work to create new possibilities for taiko performance.
Scheduling a performance is easy.

High School Japanese Speech Contest
This day-long competition is designed for high school students from Western Pennsylvania and the tri-state area studying Japanese language. Students are tested on written and spoken Japanese as well as general knowledge of Japanese politics, culture, history and current events.

Japanese language teachers or students studying Japanese in high school or via a satellite program should click here or contact the JASP office at 412 433-5021 to learn more about the competition. The contest is held each spring in conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh.

Educator Resources
The Society is dedicated to helping teachers find high quality resources to support their teaching about Japan and Japanese culture. The JASP Education Coordinator keeps an updated list of Internet resources as well as a list of organizations and companies which provide Japan-related materials. Click here or call the JASP office at 412-433-5021 for resource materials.

Click here for information about the annual Keizai Koho Fellowship.