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Please click here to view our first stab at a resource list of Japan-related goods and services in the Western PA and tri-state region.

Do you know of a source for taiko drum instruction, shoji screen preparation, an on-site traveling sushi maker? The JASP often receives requests like these and we would be happy to add your business or skill to our list. Please email your valuable information to jasp@us-japan.org.


The Ambassadors' Roundtable


Japan: A Year After the Deluge

March 7, 2012

Click here to download the brochure.

Ferguson Library
Resources also available at The Ferguson Library


Andrews, Paul.
Japan, Hell on Earth.
N.p.: Andrews UK Ltd., 2011. Overdrive
e-Book. Web. 22 Feb. 2012.
A clear explanation of the devastating effect of the earthquake and tsunami on the people of Japan and the global economy.

Japan's Killer QuakeBurke-Ward, Richard, Robert Strange, and Corey Johnson.
Japan's Killer Quake. N.p.: PBS Distribution,
c2011. DVD. 551.22 J359.
Describes the effects of the earthquake and tsunami, from the catastrophic death toll to the massive destruction of Japan's infrastructure.

Prothero, Donald R.
Catastrophes!: Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tornadoes, and Other Earth-Shattering
. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 2011.
Print. 551 P967c.
Explores harrowing events arising from a variety of natural disasters.

Senauth, Frank.
Earthquake-Tsunami-Disaster in Japan 2011.
Bloomington: Authorhouse, 2011. Print. (On Order).
Focuses on the strength of the Japanese people in the face of disaster, their independence


"FED: Japan's Disaster to Impact Exporters: Swan."
AAP News. 23 Mar. 2011. General OneFile.
Web. 19 Feb. 2012.
Wayne Swan, Treasurer of Australia, tells Parliament about the affect of the tsunami on Australian exports to Japan, which is the country's second largest trading partner.

Rice"Science to Help Rice Growers Affected by Japan's Tsunami."
Space Daily 7 Feb. 2012. General OneFile.
Web. 19 Feb. 2012.
Japan's horrific tsunami struck less than a year ago, yet scientists have already developed salttolerant rice that will grow in flooded fields.
Rechtin, Mark.

"Honda Dealers Expect Bigger Inventories, New Products; Q & A Bill Woeste, Honda Dealer Advisory Board."
Automotive News 6 Feb. 2012: S030. General OneFile.
Web. 19 Feb. 2012.
Honda was the most severely affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, but has refocused on certified pre-owned vehicles and now projects a 22 percent rebound in sales for 2012.

"The Buyside; Japanese Dealmakers Strike Back."
Mergers & Acquisitions: The Dealmaker's Journal
1 Feb. 2012: 16. General OneFile. Web.
19 Feb. 2012.
Japan's 8.9 magnitude earthquake triggered concerns that Japanese corporate business growth would be stymied. However, according to "mergermarket" survey respondents, 55 percent of people surveyed believe that outgoing business activity will increase dramatically.


JapanBBC. News Asia-Pacific.
"Japan Profile." Web. 20 Feb.2012.
Facts on Japan, its history, economic growth, leadership changes, and a discussion of its vulnerability to earthquakes.

Central Intelligence Agency – The World Book.
"Japan." Web. 20 Feb. 2012.
Reports statistical information on Japan, including the economy, unemployment, infant mortality rate, and more. Also discusses the effect of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Radiation Effects Research Foundation. A Cooperative Japan–US Research Organization.
Web. 20 Feb. 2012.
Explores effects of radiation for peaceful purposes. Contains downloadable material, historical material, and partnered research institutes that have embraced the subject.

Embassy of Japan in the United States.
"2011 Great East Japan Earthquake."
Web. 20 Feb. 2012.
Provides information on the status of Japan following the 2011 tsunami. Information
includes radiation monitoring of the infrastructure, tap water, food, airports, and the ports of Tokyo and Yokohama

Additional Resources

Additional Japan-related resources can be accessed at the National Association of Japan-America Societies' site. These resources can be accessed at the following link:
Other Japan Resources

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Further resources can be accessed at the Japan Information Center at the Hillman Library (East Asian Library) on the University of Pittsburgh site. These resources can be accessed at the following link:
Hillman Library: Japan Information Center

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To recommend a resource or for more information, please contact the JASP office by phone at (412) 433-5021or by e-mail at jasp@us-japan.org.