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The Japan Society of New Orleans was founded in 1928 "to foster friendly relationships with Japan through the study of Japanese art and culture as well as social and trade contacts between the United States and Japan".

We are one of the one of the oldest such societies in this country, and over the years since its formation it has gained a nationwide reputation for its efforts in promoting understanding between our two nations, and appreciation for the Japanese culture and civilization.

The Society has endeavored to expand an educational and cultural interchange by means of its continuing series of meetings, lectures, dramatic performances, exhibits, receptions, luncheons, dinners, newsletters, etc.

Our goal is to provide a formal organization to bring together the leaders of our community who have a vital interest in, and appreciation for, the history, culture, government and economic achievement of Japan, and to provide and foster understanding, commerce and good-will between the peoples of Japan and the United States.

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For further information contact:

Mike Turner

P.O. Box 56785
New Orleans, LA 70156-6785

email: japansocietynola@gmail.com

phone: (504) 458-1443

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