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  Japan-America 150th Anniversary

Haiku Contest

  Program Date:   April 2003 - January 2004
  Application Due:   January 31, 2004
  Location:   United States, Canada
  Program Type:   Culture, Education
  Contact:   National Association of Japan-America Societies
Tel: 202-783-4550

  Contest Winners and their Haiku
  Age Category 7-10
  1st   late at night--
sounds of a mouse
in the wall
      (Ethan Askland, Chariton, Iowa)
  2nd   June morning-
her toe from under the sheet
just so
      (Zinay Wayman, Allston, Massachusetts)
  3rd   A butterfly
in the backyard
of my old house
      (Sam Doughty, Huntington, Indiana)
  Age Category 11-14
  1st   planes grounded
an eagle soars
over smouldering Pentagon
      (Suchie Ravindran, Hanover, Maryland)
  2nd   Alone on dirt road
Quiet November twilight
I can see the stars.
      (Ashley Chang, Roswell, Georgia)
  3rd   Sitting by the fire
Its warmth touching my face
Waiting for something.
      (Miranda Stewart, Flower Mound, Texas)
  Age Category 15-18
  1st   In the cold winter,
the snow falls gently down,
on the small girls nose.
      (Sierra Sanders, Kearney, Nebraska)


  2nd   The moonlight and I
companions in the night
lonley in our ways
      (Veronica Holquin, Kearney, Nebraska)
  3rd   Dew droplets sparkling
upon the grassy meadows-
Morning comes
      (Kamille Jorgenson, Kearney, Nebraska)
  Age Category Adult
  1st   autumn moon
folding my prescription
into a plane
      (Barry Goodmann, Hackensack, New Jersey)
  2nd   lingering heat...
a slug streched
between leaves
      (Paul Miller, Bristol, Rhode Island)
  3rd   bearing down
with a dry pen
      (John Stevenson, Nassau, New York)
  Honorable Mention
      Indian summer-
burning through
the match book
      (Paula Fisher, Key Largo, Florida)

  Haiku Contest Overview    

Over the past 150 years, Japanese and American have exchanged many aspects of each others culture: anime, sushi, music, and clothing are but a few examples. HAIKU, a brief, nature-based poem originating in Japan, is one of the most widely known aspects of Japanese culture adopted by Americans.

To commemorate this anniversary, the Japan-US 150 Committee and the Haiku Society of America are sponsoring an online haiku contest in the following age categories:

  • 7-10
  • 11-14
  • 5-18
  • Adults (19 and over)
Haiku Contest is part of the US-Japan 150th Anniversary project
Haiku and illustration by Stephen Addiss, Tucker-Boatwright Professor of Humanities and Professor of Art, University of Richmond
  Contest Rules  
  • All haiku must be in English.
  • All entrants must reside in the United States or its territories.
  • One entry per person; an "entry" consists of one haiku and associated information.
  • All entries must be original, unpublished, and not under consideration for publication or other contests. Plagiarized entries will be eliminated.
  • All entries must be submitted BOTH online and by U.S. Mail. In addition to the online entry, entrants must read, sign and mail a printed copy of the Haiku Guidelines and the Entry Form to:

    NAJAS/150 Anniversary Haiku Contest
    733 Fifteen Street, N.W. Suite 700
    Washington, DC 20005

  • All entries will be judged by a panel of haiku poets.
  • The sponsors reserve the right to publish winning entries.
  • All winners will be posted on the web site in mid. April, 2004.
  • Winners will be notified by email.


All entries must be received by January 31, 2004 (BOTH online and mail).

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U.S.-Japan 150th Anniversary Project Sponsors

U.S.-Japan 150th Anniversary Project and all its programs are made possible by the generous contributions from AFLAC, ANA-All Nippon Airways, Pfizer, Toyota, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), Noevir and SONY.


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