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Japan Workshop for Teachers

  Program Date:   April 2003 - February 2004  
  Application Due:   N/A
  Location:   Pittsburgh, PA, Pensacola, FL, Minneapolis, MN, Jackson, MS
  Program Type:   Education
  Contact:   National Association of Japan-America Societies
Tel: 202-783-4550

  Japan Teacher Workshop Overview    

The National Association of Japan-America Societies (NAJAS) held a series of for-credit Educator Workshops on Japan for high school teachers to encourage them to include materials on Japan in the areas of literature, history, economy, art and political science. The objectives of these workshops are to provide basic intensive background on Japan for high school educators and to provide audio-visual, written and online resources in a format that will enable educators to more easily integrate Japan-related material into their regular curriculum.

The workshops will be conducted by Dr. Lucien Ellington, University of Tennessee and organized by local Japan societies in cooperation with local institutions of higher learning. Guest lecturers with expertise in the areas noted above will serve as primary resources for these workshops. The first four pilot workshops will be held in Pittsburgh, PA, Pensacola, FL, Minneapolis, MN, and Jackson, MS.


  1. To Enhance high school educators' knowledge about Japan
  2. To encourage educators to include units on Japan at the high school level
    a)by inviting experts in Japanese history, politics, arts and literature as workshop speakers
    b) by reviewing the overwhelming amount of educational materials available to educators through the Advisory Committee to make materials "classroom ready" for easy inclusion in the daily curriculum
  3. To strengthen Japan societies' network among educators in order to build on these workshops to effect annual workshops.

For information on future workshop, please contact NAJAS at:

Japan Teacher Workshop is part of the US-Japan 150th Anniversary project
  Workshop Dates  
  Pittsburgh, PA, April 11-12, June 19, 2003
Pensacola, FL, July 7-11, 2003
Minneapolis, MN, August 4-7, 2003
Jackson, MS, January 30-31, February 20-21, 2004
  This project is made possible with grants from the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership and Freeman Foundation.    


U.S.-Japan 150th Anniversary Project Sponsors

U.S.-Japan 150th Anniversary Project and all its programs are made possible by the generous contributions from AFLAC, ANA-All Nippon Airways, Pfizer, Toyota, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), Noevir and SONY.


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