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The official web page of the Prime Minister and his cabinet. Here you can find news releases, statements, and videos of the Prime Minister and other government officials. The Prime Minister's weekly video is always updated on the website. Also browse through the archives to find statements from past Prime Ministers.

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Established in 2001, the Cabinet Office helps to strengthen the functions of the Cabinet. Headed by the Prime Minister, and in conjunction with the Cabinate Secretariate, it supports the Cabinet in formulating important policies and coordination of the Ministries.

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The House of Councillors is the highest organ of state power, and the sole law making organ in Japan. It plays an essential role in checking, balancing, and complementing the House of Representatives in lawmaking. Any bill sent from the House of Representatives requires the House of Councillors to approve it. Since most bills are generally created in the House of Representatives, the House of Councillors is generally the deciding vote.

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The lower house of the Japanese Diet, the highest organ of state law and sole lawmaking organ. The House of Representatives enacts laws, designates the Prime Minister, decides the national budget, and approves treaties. Voted in by the people, the House of Representatives endeavors to act out the popular will.

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